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tourists and ex-pats.


Telehealth consult | only $75

30-min online consult
with a provider

Speak to a primary care provider over your phone or computer in 30 minutes. Perfect for the avid traveler suffering from minor illness


Provider at-your-doorstep | only $175

45-min in-person

A provider will come to your current residence within two to three hours. They will take your vitals and administer the necessary level of care needed

Why choose us

Locally certified

Our trusted network of providers are medically trained and specialized to treat and handle English-speaking patients. We understand health complications can arise while traveling or living abroad. We provide a solution so your medical sickness or injury can be taken care of in under two hours within the comfort of your home or hotel.

Our average service time vs a hospital visit

Why choose Urgent Care Panama

Don’t wait 3-4 hours at the hospital.

Get urgent care now in the comfort of your room.


Dr Xiomara Ramirez

Dr. Xiomara Ramírez

Medical Director, General Medicine
Dr. Cesar Cordoba

Dr. Cesar Córdoba

General Medicine

Dr. Xiomara Ramírez

General Medicine
Yivelys Sandoval

Yivelys Sandoval

Medical Technology
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Common Questions

For telehealth, receive care in 30 mins or less. For providers visiting your home or hotel, expect to receive care within 2-3 hours.

Yes, all providers speak English. Staff is trained to translate from Spanish to English fluently.

Our medical doctors and staff provide online and in-person care from 6 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week. We have around-the-clock customer service support.

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Common questions about panama urgent care clinics
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